😎 Priced to help you grow.

*All plans include unlimited users and contacts


Freelancers & 1st Year Businesses

$ 97/month

Billed annually

Unlimited team members

Unlimited contacts

Unlimited Contacts and Users (on all plans)

No limit to number of contacts or users, import and export as many contacts as you need and add as many users from your team as you need to manage and run your business.

Unlimited Websites and Hosting

Create entire website for your business. You have an option to use the existing templates or create and edit the website of your choice.

- Unlimited Websites
- Unlimited domains
- 1000+ templates
- Unlimited file storage
- Video hosting
- Industry leading site loading speeds
- AI to help you build quickly

Form Builder

Unlimited forms to use on any location that accepts a line of code.

Automatically collect user info and data from platforms and port it into eGrowthLab.

2 Way Text & Email

GMB Messaging

Chat with visitors interested in your business online by enabling a Google Chat to capture the highest traffic generation platform for small businesses.

Instagram DMs

Automate communications with your fans on Instagram, automatically gather their emails, phone numbers, and other information. Book appointments to your calendar, all in one platform.

Facebook Messenger

Escape jumping between apps to talk to your customers, our easy to use conversations tab brings all customer interactions across multiple channels, to one location.

Web Chat Widget/Live Chat

Capture leads and text with them straight from your website.

Text to Pay

Send invoices and payment requests via an easy to use text link. Get paid on the spot.


The core of the platform, enabling sorting, management, and communication to the right contact(s) at the right time.

  • Get used to Unlimited Contacts

  • Unlimited Users

  • Smart list management

  • Opportunity and pipeline management

  • Company organization

  • In conversation contact IDing

GMB Call Tracking

Missed Call Text Back

Landing Pages


Improve your reputation and get more reviews, automatically.

  • Rank higher than competitors on Google

  • Monitor reviews on Google and Facebook

  • Respond to reviews from one dashboard

Review Widget

Display your success and build trust with a customizable review widget. Place this widget on unlimited websites, and anywhere an embed is allowed. Or use natively in our website and landing page builder.

Review AI

Automatic response to reviews on Facebook and Google

  • Customize automated responses based on star ratings.

  • Define the wait time before sending each response.

  • Add a personal touch with review response footers, including thank-you notes or your business name.

  • Select auto responses for specific sources, such as Facebook and Google


For businesses experiencing overwhelming growth.

$ 297/month

$1,399 one time onboarding charge

Includes 3 live training/coaching calls

Unlimited team members

Unlimited contacts

Email Marketing

Build emails, save templates, manage campaigns, track results on campaigns. In addition, you can build invoice, membership, receipt, offer grants, certifcates, and many more templates to automatically send at whatever time you need.

EGL Conversational AI

Gone are the days of an expensive front desk or opperator to manage inbound calls and texts. With conversational AI, our system automatically gathers info on your business and answers incoming questions automatically. Additional abilities are included:

  • Automatically book appointments

  • Advanced Q&A bot

  • Multichannel

  • Website live chat, SMS, Instagram, Facebook, GMB


Survey Builder


With SMS, our regulatory and trust center walks you through setting up campaigns to mazaimize deliverability on one of the most effective platforms to generate feedback and communicate with your leads, customers, and audiences.

Business Phone #s

eGrowthLab provides in-software phone numbers, the best part is, you don't even need to cancel the number you've been using that people already know.

  • Verified Caller ID

  • Business name,

  • Forwarding

    ...and other capabilities elevate your brand and modernize your ability to track marketing performance.

    If you need a phone line for each team member, no problem.

    Call tracking for individual phone lines is built into reporting.

Automation Workflows

Drag and Drop Reporting Dashboard

Paid Ad Performance Reporting

Sales Reporting


Unlimited blogs, RSS feed included

Trigger Links

Track crucial actions taken by your leads and contacts with trigger links


Like calendly, but better in every way

  • Unlimited calendars

  • Service booking with optional payments

  • Group booking

  • Event booking

  • Appointment management

  • Embed links

  • ...and more!!

SMS & Email Templates

Tired of retyping the same answers to the same questions you get asked every single day? Save your responses as quick responses with templates.

Proposals and Estimates

Perfect for anyone sending bids for services and jobs, whether you want to build these manually for each job, or connect this tool with a workflow automation to fire when a form or survey is completed to amaze your interested leads and catch them while they are warm.

These can be sent via text or email, and sent manually or atuomatically.

Pair this in a workflow, when the required signature is collected, eGrowthLab can automatically send your prospect and prebuilt invoice!

Time to win bids, and get paid faster than the competition.


Whether you need to sell physical, digital, or service based products, you can do so through our product and payments dashboard. Connect your products to a single or two step order form and you are ready for business!


For businesses needing more inbound leads with ads.

$ 697/month


Unlimited team members

Unlimited contacts

3 Click Facebook Ads

Facebook ads, historically, only been logical for those in a particular bracket of revenue. Cost to hire and maintain a marketing company with a paid ads/media buyer has caused this method of obtaining leads and customers to be cost prohibitive. Software is changing that fact, and in fact, made Facebook Ads as easy as 3 clicks and 60seconds to get up and running.

Simply Google Ads

Google ads are a must, but hiring a marketing company or a media buyer to run them for your SMB doesn't make sense when you see it on your P&L. You've turned them on, seen a few results, but never enough to justify the expense of paying a company to manage them for you.

EGL eliminated your concerns, and turned the cost prohibitive marketing agency upside-down.

eGrowthLab puts the reporting in front of you, and ai on the backend to keep ROI top of mind.

Referral/Affiliate Management

The best way to grow is word of mouth, you can't beat the trust between individuals sharing your brand and your business.

One of the best ways to facilitate this valuable growth method is by leveraging referrals/affiliates.

eGrowthLab gives you the tools, links, pages, tracking, and reporting (internal and external) to manage and grow you referral program.

  • Keep track of most successful affiliates

  • Reward affiliates

  • Track necessary payouts

  • Create and manage affiliate links

  • Reporting dashboard

  • Connect affiliates with products

Private Community/Group Hosting

Whether you need to build a free or paid community platform to allow your clients to interact and grow your brand, you can do so with eGrowthLab's communities. Offer free courses, create topic specific channels, pin posts, add unlimited members, feature posts, manage affiliates, and more!

Membership/Course Builder

Build and offer unlimited membership and courses

CampLab eGrowthLab Plan logo


Special Version of eGrowthLab designed to work

alongside your registration software to complete your camper, family,

donor, and staff experience.

$ 397/month *setup fee

Or save 15% with annual plan

Unlimited team members

Unlimited contacts

Prices exclude usage fees and applicable taxes




$ 97 /month

$ 297 /month

$ 697 /month

included in GROWTHLAB

You have questions.

We have answers.

Why should I use eGrowthLab?

If you are paying for multiple marketing, sales, reporting, and advertising platforms and paying for software to connect those platforms together because they weren't designed to work together from the start, you're in the right place.

Does eGrowthLab have a free trial?

Sadly not at this moment. We do offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Do you have monthly and yearly plans?

Yes, you can pay yearly and you'll get two month's for free vs. paying monthly.

What payment methods do you support?

We take payments exclusively via debit/credit card. All billing is handled by Stripe, our payment processing partner. We never directly handle your sensitive payment data.

Is this a white label of HighLevel?

Thanks for asking, eGrowthLab is built on the proven platform called HighLevel (HL). We to partnered with HL due to their focus on product development, with product development covered by HL, we focus on your results, customer service and support, coaching and training.

Because HL is not a "hype" software company and they focus on development of the platform, you will consistently see new platform updates bi-weekly. Along with the ability to submit recommendations for our team to place on eGrowthLab's dev. roadmap.

What are usage fees and how much do they cost?

What about billing and subscription management?

Click here to see in depth walkthrough of usage fee and billing info

Who owns the data uploaded to eGrowthLab

The account owner retains full ownership of all data associated with their account. At eGrowthLab, we respect your privacy and do not claim any ownership over the data you add.

Where is eGrowthLab located?

We're registered in Texas, USA as "Josh Ads." and we have team members distributed around the world.

What are you cooking up next?

Head over to our Roadmap page to find out what new features are coming, and feel free to join our Community if you'd like to suggest new features.




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